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EDI in Higher Education is a Course

EDI in Higher Education



Full course description

The purpose of the EDI in HE e-learning programme is:

  • To raise awareness of how equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights issues permeate organisational culture
  • To understand what third level education staff duties are under Irish equality and human rights legislation


How long will this course take?

The programme consists of 4 separate modules, each of approx. 30-45 minutes duration, which amounts to no more than 3 hours in total. You can pause the course and return at another time if you wish to do the sections separately.


What will this course cover?

Each of the 4 different modules covers a separate aspect of EDI in Higher Education in Ireland, as follows:

  • Module 1 is an introductory module, which gives you a comprehensive overview of the importance and benefits of EDI and Human Rights, and the legal landscape in which Higher Education Institutions operate.
  • Module 2 covers Recruitment and Selection, and is a very informative tool for any staff member involved in the selection process.
  • Module 3 looks at meeting the needs of diverse students and best practice tips on fostering equality in teaching and learning settings.
  • Module 4 which looks at putting policy into practice.

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